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Am I Atypical?

Apparently I am! That’s what the dermatologist called to tell me today. The mole removed from my abdomen last week was determined to be Atypia, in other words, “pre-cancerous”, but the margins were clear.  He wants me to be checked again in 4 months, 8 months, 12 months, then every year. (Thanks to my maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather, both of whom had numerous skin cancer lesions). The mole itself was only the size of a small pearl, but quite dark.  Now I am left with what is sure to be a nasty scar, about the size of a large pea, but seeing as I have no intentions of wearing a bikini anytime soon, it is well hidden! If you really must see it, click here.

I have an appointment with my oncologist next week since the pain on my right rib cage area has not improved in almost a year and I have had continued bouts of tender swelling in my groin on that side for over a year as well.  I have numerous sharp, tender “jabs” under my rib cage and towards my back each and every day. At times it is a take-your-breath-away pain, but it is brief and so I deal with it. I’ve almost become accustom to it, so much so that I have stopped all pain medications because they make me too loopy and I guess I would say that the jabs are tolerable (as much as one can stand being “slugged” in their side every day)! I’ll wait to see what tricks Dr. G may have yet left in his bag.  I’m imagining the standard blood work, another scan, and another, “we can’t find anything” result but it is what cancer survivors do. It is the drill for at least 5 years, and sometimes beyond.  As much as I would like to let it go, and decide once and for all that this is nothing to worry about, the fact is that I do worry and I feel very strongly that it is not normal. Fortunately for me, neither does my doctor, and he is on a mission to find it.

Summer is officially underway and next week at this time we will be graduating our last high schooler and attending college orientation soon. This same daughter plans on auditioning for American Idol in Pittsburgh later this summer as well. She can only take one parent with her. We’ll be fighting over that assignment!

BETTER THAN BEING CARDED! the thrill of youth

At age 44, I feel somedays like my life is just about half over. Another 45 years or so and I could expect to be gone. I don’t dwell on it, but it is a fact. I won’t be hanging around forever! Yesterday I took my son to a doctor’s appointment. He is 18 (yes he could have gone by himself), but this was a dermatologist and the office was quite a distance from where we live and he didn’t ask me to come but he did give me that look, like, ‘Okay Mom, if you want to, but please do, because I don’t have a clue where I’m going.’ A pesky case of excema, nothing too serious. Well, the doctor sitting across the desk from us turned to me and said, “And, you’re the sister?” HA! I nearly broke out into laughter! I wanted to kiss her! She was absolutely serious! She was probably about my age. She said she had a 16 year old son. I told her that, no, I didn’t “start having kids early”, and that I would be 45 this year. I think she was cringing inside. She had clearly let her weight get out of control, and I’m guessing she didn’t believe in make up, being a dermatologist and all. I’m just guessing here. At any rate, I swelled with pride wishing my husband could have been there. He got carded at the basketball stadium a few weeks ago when I was with him. The following week he took our sons to a game and DIDN’T get carded! When he came home he told me that he thinks they only card him when we’re together because they think he’s buying for his young girlfriend! Double Ha! This was better than that. This was a doctor who should know just by looking at a person what their real age is. She is an expert and so I am taking her estimations of me 100% and I’m not looking back! I am the sister.