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Dinner is Done! (in advance)

Dream Dinners being assembled

Last night I attended a “sneakpeek” preview of a new business in town called Dream Dinners.  Maybe you’ve heard of these places where you assemble dinners for your family in a party type atmosphere and leave the mess and clean up behind!?  What a beautiful store!  15 or so of my friends and I came and donned our aprons and head scarfs to assemble a dinner entree to take home.  The best part of the evening was that it was FREE (and, well, the great wine that Renee brought!)  The concept behind this business is that you quickly put together meals in their kitchen, no mess at home, and easy prep on your busy nights when a home cooked meal is called for.  We live in a crazy metropolitan area here in metro Washington D.C.  People commute 1 – 1 1/2 hours to and from work each day.  Working women don’t have time to come home and cook.  At-home working women deserve a convenient alternative to cooking every night of the week!  I can definately see the market for this here!  Watch this video to see what it’s all about! Dream Dinners How To

Over the course of the evening we were able to taste test two of the available dishes, Country French Chicken and Peach Glazed Pork Chops.  Yum!  Both were really delicious and very healthy! In less than five minutes my dish was prepared.  I brought it home and placed it in the freezer for future use.  I’ll be relly glad to have a meal all ready and set to go on a busy night, and in a family with three teenagers, our home is always busy!  As with any convenience food, the cost is certainly higher than if you shopped and prepared everything yourself (about double for entree costs – average $25 for 6 entree servings) , but for many it is well worth the time, hassle, mess and headache saved.    Besides, you have a lof of fun and time with your friends in a relaxed, clean and organized kitchen setting.  For the nearest location to you, and to view sample menus and get all of your questions answered,  go to http://dreamdinners.com