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A SEA OF SOCKS – laundry outa control

PLEASE! Someone come help me fold these socks! Better yet, let’s make a matching game for the kids on the ping pong table! I counted one day and figured out that over 200 socks come out of my dryer each and every week! Between the kids socks, my husbands and my work out socks, my husband’s work socks, the kids work socks (three have jobs now) ,
the kids soccer socks and church socks, well you get the idea! So one day I layed them all out and called the kids down to do a matching game and see who could pair their socks the fastest! This worked when they were 7 years old but now that they are 15 to 18 years old, it just aint happenin’! I told my family I do not fold socks anymore. The white ones go into one basket and the dark or colored socks go into another. (You don’t even see THOSE in these photos!) I’ve suggested they sit in front of their favorite TV show and fold just their own socks for the whole upcoming week. Nope! They still go to the laundry room every morning, sometimes in the frigid cold basement, and pull out a matching pair, which can sometimes take a while to find!, and only get that pair for that day! How did I raise kids like this? HELP!