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WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE? puppy love!


Colby at 3 months

This is colby. He is almost 7 months old.  He is a golden retreiver, and by all accounts, the perfect pet, albeit with his quirky doggy imperfections!  Colby came into our lives last fall after the tragic sudden loss of Sandy, our 9 year old golden.  After twelve days of absolute grief and mourning, we , uh, I, found Colby at a nearby breeder’s, and brought him home to love. 

Now let me assure you, I didn’t want to admit it at the time, but an 11 week old puppy is NOT a 9 year old dog, and a male 11 week old puppy is NOT a submissive, docile FEMALE dog!  Colby has a mind of his own.  He needs much self discipline.  Much correction.  Much help!  He is a work in progress.  I’ve spent a small fortune replacing things he has chewed to bits, such as my son’s work shoes and a lead crystal angel he pulled down off the buffet.  He seems to have a fiber shortage in his diet because he devours anything paper such as newspaper, books, folders, coupons, recipes, magazines, you name it.  He jumps up to see what he can find on the table or counter, and drags it into the living room. Actually, he doesn’t eat these so much as he chews them up into tiny pieces and leaves them all over the place for me to clean up.  In short, he is like having another child to pick up after, as if four kids and a husband weren’t enough! He never does any of this when we are watching.  I get to come home, open the door, and find his little surprises awaiting me. 

I think Colby is actually more of a social critter than any of us imagined a dog could be.  When we leave the house he just goes into a deep depression and can’t help himself.  He wants us nearby and that’s that.  A mama’s boy.  A high-need, emotional wreck!  What have I gotten myself into!?  Just when my kids were growing up, more independent, and my soccer mom days becoming less chaotic, I’ve taken myself back ten years.  What was I thinking?

HERE is what I was thinking ….let me tell you…

 that I really need to be needed.  I like having someone to feed and take on walks.  I really love the feel of soft fluffy fur.  I like to be licked all over in sweet abandon.  I am a dog person.  What’s not to love? ♥