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Worry sets in…

Your mind sort of gets carried away with you during times like this, and you start thinking about all the reasons why YOU won’t be one of the lucky ones.  Like a family history that has always been discounted but yet both my parents are only children so we’ll never know if they might have had it passed to a sibling or not.  My dad had two aunts die from breast cancer in their 40s.  They’ve always said “sister” or “mother” but the breast cancer gene is a breast cancer gene and who knows if it was passed on to me or not??

Taking birth control pills long term has been shown to cause breast cancer in younger women (I only just read THAT on my pill pack last week after 13 years being on them!!!!)  And yet my gyn. says don’t go off of them until we know for sure what this is. The surgeon, on the other hand, told me get off them now!  Who do you believe?  I feel like I am wading in a sea of questions and uncertainties and controversy.  It’s so maddening!  I will know Monday…just 3 more days.