A much needed vacation

St. Lucia, West Indies

We spent last week soaking up the sun in the Caribbean, enjoying a much needed vacation away from “real life” and taking the honeymoon we never really had 25 years ago. It was a truly wonderful experience seeing this part of the world, meeting the local people, touring the national treasures and just relaxing. We had no TV or telephones for 8 days. On this trip we met some new friends, one couple from farm country in Illinois, a dairy farmer from Wisconsin, a couple from London and another from Northern Canada! We snorkeled, scuba dived, kayaked, danced, played pool, zip-lined and took a mud bath! It was a very full week!

No worries, No problems!

Tim was scuba certified when we lived in Guam 22 years ago, but took a refresher class here at home before leaving on this trip. He was unsure if his hands and arms would work properly for diving but was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the 3 dives he was able to take in St. Lucia. While he dove, I snorkeled or laid by the pool reading a book. We also spent some time driving around the island and were amazed at how poor and truly destitute many of the local people live. They are affected by hurricanes nearly every year. Roads have been washed out and rebuilding is constantly going on. Banana (much much smaller than the ones here in the USA) is their main export (to the United Kingdom), as well as rum.  Their favorite quote is “No worries, No problems!”

250 feet above the jungle floor, longest line 1,500 feet! Weeeee!

If you’d like to view more of our photos you can see them HERE. Just click on the first picture to expand, then scroll through the album. Take a little stroll through paradise! Enjoy 🙂


One thought on “A much needed vacation

  1. You look wonderful, and (almost) well rested. If you’re like me, it always takes a few days to “get over” the vacation. I’m sure it was all worth it. The pix are great. We may add the Caribbean to our list.
    (p.s., my hair is back and it feels marvelous!)

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