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Dog Tired

Maybe it’s just the dog days of summer, or 100* temps in July, but my fatigue continues and causes me to feel like taking a nap every day after just being awake a few hours. This is after a full 8-9 solid hours of sleep at night. More likely, it is my B-12 deficiency, a form of anemia. It is a “tired” unlike even chasing the 4 kids under age 5 that I had under foot may years ago! I can only describe it as a close 2nd to the fatigue I had during chemo….like the blood has been drained from my body. Yeah, like that. Where’s that pillow? I have closed my business for the next couple of weeks while I try catching up on outstanding orders and work on things around the house that have gotten behind.

My oncologist called last week to say that although my B-12 numbers are climbing in the right direction, they are not what they should be (at only about half the normal level) and he wants me to be re-tested in 5 weeks. I am continuing the daily Rx strength B-12 supplements. I’m hoping we can get to full levels in that time and start to feel more energetic again. August has me scheduled for a pelvic ultrasound, a mammogram and a dermatology follow up. Are we having fun yet?

Last weekend we went up to New York City to take Keith and Kelli to  Broadway show, starring our long time family friend and 2011 Tony Award winner, Norbert Butz, in Catch Me If You Can. (Click on the photo, then the little arrows to the right and scroll through the rest of the photos.) What a thrill! We surprised the kids by arranging to meet Norb backstage after the show.  He was so gracious to take the time to talk to Kelli about her musical interests, and she was star struck, also meeting the other lead, Aaron Tviet when she asked him to take our picture (not realizing it was HIM!)

Monday morning found us back at Walter Reed meeting with the rehab doctors for Tim’s condition. He continues to battle through the paralysis (left side) and numbness, nerve pain and limited mobility on right side.  He will be seeking a 2nd opinion from a renown spinal nerve doctor at University of Virginia in the coming weeks.

Fortunately we have the boys home from college for another couple of weeks to do things around the yard and house. After August 23rd we will officially be empty nesters!  We plan to try squeezing in a family beach trip in a couple of weeks and enjoy some rest on the sands in Maryland’s shores. “Til then! ~ Koryn

Central Park, NYC


It’s been a long time since I have posted. Life has sort of consumed us these past few weeks. Summertime should be a time of rest and relaxing, but we have been spinning our wheels to and from the doctors, and it seems to be a trip in futility lately. “What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You’re near”…the words of this song ring very true in our house right now – for 7+ weeks Tim has suffered through what is now believed to be Parsonage Turner Syndrome, a rare disease that attacks the brachial plexus nerve bundles of the spine and shoulder, creating pain, numbness, and weakness and a now palsy in his left arm and severe, sharp pains in his right hand, making even the simplest tasks impossible.  Physical and occupational therapy appointments flood his calendar while he juggles full time work at  the Pentagon. Fortunately he has a very understanding work environment. He is seeking special equipment for keyboard and phone use to make his job easier, and there is a place within the building that will provide those. When he went to check it out the woman working there had no arms at all.  He said that was a real wake up call. We are blessed.

The neighbors and our kids are pitching in to help with the work Tim normally would be doing at home during the summer. Kayaking, golf, fishing, are all out of the question for now. The prognosis is a 2-5 year recovery with varying degrees of outcomes. That is a tough pill to swallow for someone who has always been very active, NEVER sick, never had surgery or even a sniffle.  So we go to the movies, browse Best Buy and Costco, eat out and try to stay busy with friends.

The little things found here and there on my recent MRIs and Pet Scans now pale in comparison, and while I am seeking to get to the bottom of a nearly year-long pain on my right side, it is not debilitating and I will get answers when it is time. For now, I am waiting to hear from my ob/gyn as to her thoughts on recent test results.  I leave on Wednesday with Kelli for Pittsburgh for her American Idol audition, which we are all very excited about! She leaves for college in just 6 weeks, a very exciting but sad day in our household, well, at least for me and Tim who are about to become Empty Nesters! I hope you’ll enjoy the song below and remember, as we are, that God’s ways are not our ways, but His love is deep. We covet your prayers.


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