Celebrate Courage

Me and my niece (3) becoming friends
I’ve been gone from home 4 days now. I spent the first half  of my vacation in Las Vegas with my sister and nieces and my mom, attending Women Of Faith, a Christian women’s conference and inspirational “high” filled with celebrity speakers and big name recording artsists.  It was fantastic!  Flying out to Las Vegas, I sat next to a couple on the plane, and we talked for 2 hours together. Not once did I ever tell them I was a cancer survivor (I know, shocking isn’t it?)  Until……the last 5 minutes of flight when the wife asked me about the ring on my finger. That was when I explained that I was a breast cancer survivor. Maybe I am moving forward? Maybe I am just seeing my life as more than just cancer.  I am so much more than cancer. It’s not the first thing I would say about myself anymore.

This morning my mom and I flew to California where I will spend a few days with she and my dad, as well as with my brother and wife and their 3 year old. What a precious gem!  Somehow just a handful of days never seems to be enough to make up for the 25 years of separation I have had living away from my own family.  But I am fortunate to be able to enjoy my sister’s airline flight priveledges, and to be my own boss and pack up and leave it all behind for a vacation “away”. It’s been good.  It’s been needed.  While in Las Vegas I sat next to a woman at the conference whom I became friends with. She is my sister’s co-worker.  As she told me about her life, she explained that her mother had breast cancer and just finished her treatments. I told  her I was also a survivor.  Right then, I slid my new pink rubber ring off my finger and told her to give it to her mom.  It says “Celebrate Courage” on it. Celebrating Courage – Now THAT’s what it is all about!

Nycole wearing the pink ring I gave her to give to her mom.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Courage

  1. Great post, Koryn! You know, I look forward to the days when “I’m a brain aneurysm survivor” won’t be the first thing I tell new people. I’m so torn: trying to move on, yet still being reminded every day (itchy scar, “ticking” skull, memory problems…) that I am a survivor. My partner is also conflicted: on the one hand he tells me I’m not moving on because I’m setting up a stroke survivor group; then he’ll say “how can you expect to not be different with what you’ve been through”. I expect it’ll all fall into place one day, but it’s sometimes tough going! You are always my inspiration….

  2. I think that giving the ring away is an auspicious act. It was a very touching thing for you to do, too. As a cancer survivor myself, I probably understand something of the feelings and thoughts you probably go through very often. I rarely have to remind myself that “life is good.”

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