Spring is in the air!

Thomas Jefferson Memorial across the Tidal Basin – Cherry Blossom Festival
Photo by Koryn Hutchison
 Washington D.C.’s annual cherry blossom festival is going on. We decided to take in the festivities yesterday and have a few photos to share with you of our day. Notice we are wearing coats?! It turned out to be pretty brisk and chilly after all, but now today it is 80 degrees here.  Maybe spring will really show up after all?

One thought on “Spring is in the air!

  1. Beautiful picture of the cherry blossoms. Ah the weather. On Saturday. We had 86 degrees. Yesterday at 10:30am it was 61 degrees. At 12:30pm it started to snow. It continued to snow until 4:30pm. It left 3 inches on the ground covering the grass. The roads were wet and a little slushy. Today it is the 50’s.

    Spring is an interesting time of drastic changes. I pray that you have wonderful health changes coming your way.

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