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This weekend we went down to Charlottesville to visit our sons and attend one of their concerts at UVA. On our 2nd day we went wine tasting at Barboursville Winery where the dogwood were blooming and where I took these photo shots of the ruins and beautiful countryside there (ruins are in the background). I know that the title of this post is Restless, and I don’t look very restless in this photo (well, this was taken after about 2 glasses of wine!) I had my MRI Friday afternoon (update below) , and while I should be a pro at this now, I do get restless every time, waiting on results. It was a good thing we went away for the weekend where I could distract myself and enjoy my family.
My doctor chose MRI  imaging for me this time since mammography is not the best choice of diagnostics in pre-menopausal women.  It also exposes me to unnecessary radiation, whereas MRI does not.  Mammography still has its place, and I will still undergo that in the fall. 
I am posting this song below,  from the concert, called Restless, where Curtis sings back up vocals. It took everything within me not to cry my eyes out as this song was sung. I knew God had that song for me…hand picked just for me – a message meant just for me.  He was reminding me that He wants to be more to me than simply my eternal salvation. He wants to be the keeper of my restless heart, my unsettled soul where fear lies and He wants to bathe my spirit in peace if only I would just let Him. I thank CHoosE (Christian HOOS exalt) for their faith, their willingness, their transparency, and their servant hearts being used by God in their college culture to shine God’s love to hurting people. God Bless you!
UPDATE: MRI showed only a few benign cysts and recommended mammogram in 4 months. Yeah!

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Spring is in the air!

Thomas Jefferson Memorial across the Tidal Basin – Cherry Blossom Festival
Photo by Koryn Hutchison
 Washington D.C.’s annual cherry blossom festival is going on. We decided to take in the festivities yesterday and have a few photos to share with you of our day. Notice we are wearing coats?! It turned out to be pretty brisk and chilly after all, but now today it is 80 degrees here.  Maybe spring will really show up after all?
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