Round #1

Round and round I go – so this was round #1 of MRIs and nothing significant seems to be reported from the pelvic MRI. Findings included a couple of  things I’d like to ask my doctor about, none of which explain the pain on my upper right side, though.  I have the abdominal MRI next week.  The only positive outcome from the last test was that I am quite certain that my  pain is not related in any way to my ovary on the right side.  I continue to experience pain every single day, mild, spontaneous, “ouch I just got slugged in the ribs” – type of pain that goes as quick as it comes.  Nothing really new here on the home front.  The boys have gone back to college and the house is pretty quiet except for the singing of our daughter (who by the way just got into her first college choice – yeah!) and who is practicing for her audition into their school of music in 3 weeks as well as a school concert she’s producing as her senior project that following week.
It was an extremely busy holiday season for my business and just when I thought I could breathe a sigh of relief after New Years, Valentine’s Day ♥ is coming in a few weeks and once again I find myself buried in work, (which I love) and even better it keeps me distracted.  Tax season promises to be very interesting for me this year and so gathering records and getting organized is taking more of my time as well.
I’ll check back in here next week as soon as I hear anything after round #2 of the MRIs. God Bless!

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