Ready or Not

Christmas is comin’! Ready or not! This week I am buried in orders from The Taffy Box and my sons are coming home from college, we are hosting a party, attending a party, cleaning, baking, shopping, wrapping, cards to write, cards to read, it is FREEZING, and today I have a long day of appointments with both my oncologist and breast surgeon. Maybe you feel like I do – I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS!! UPDATE BELOW

Funny how when we read a point like this an e-mail enters our inbox and speaks to us right where we are? That is when I received this video link. (Heather Williams wrote this song after losing her infant son to a heart defect. ) I always reach this point every Christmas when I realize that in the flurry of it all, I tend to forget when Christmas is really all about, and whether or not you believe in Christ, He IS the meaning of CHRISTmas, and is WHY we celebrate! Somehow just stopping to listen to this song made me see how God inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3). In singing, in worshiping, THAT is how we find Him! So as I rush around today trying to accomplish it all, I will try to take time to pray these words myself, and remember who is in my Christmas. In my busy-ness I think I have been trying to crowd out thoughts about my physical health, and in the process have crowded out God. I’ve been brought back to Him today. I need Him. I’ll update later as to how my appointments go…we are re-evaluating where to go from here in determining the source of this ongoing abdominal pain as well as a 3 month follow up with my breast surgeon.

Update: My oncologist is referring me to a gynecologist to see if perhaps the pain I am having is related to something below the liver, but he was concerned about the extreme pain I have when my abdomen is pressed upon and wants to do an abdominal MRI if the gynecological work up does not reveal anything. He is working to get me in to see one of his gyn colleagues at Walter Reed since my own doctor cannot get me in for several weeks. I appreciate your continued prayers! If you can’t see the video below, click on the word “video link” above


One thought on “Ready or Not

  1. I’m glad they’re still trying to pursue the problem; hopefully it’s just a fixable glitch that’ll be forgotten or at least relegated to ho hum soon. It’s good to get an earlier referral. I’ll keep watching and crossing my finger and toes.

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