Your Hands

Your Hands by JJ Heller I hear this song every day on our Christian radio. As I deal with daily pain, I am reminded that even still, I rest in God’s hands, He will never leave me. I continue having abdominal pain and nausea but am now scheduled for a colonoscopy in 3 weeks. My prayer now is that my doctor can work his magic and get me in much sooner than that. Will keep you posted!            

2 thoughts on “Your Hands

  1. Dearest Koryn,
    Believe me, once you have had been treated for cancer, it’s always on your mind. Try as best as you can to try and throw those thoughts away. It’s hard but you gotta do it. I use to be consumed by thoughts of my cancer reoccuring some where else in my body and it can happen. But, I turn it over to the Lord and put the worry on Him. It really does work.
    In the mean time — have fun, enjoy life, dance when you want to and sing when you want and love with all of your heart.
    Pops H.

  2. Waiting so long much be pure agony. It seems to me that people with your history should be bumped to the front of the line! You’ll be in my thoughts and only the best will be sent your way.

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