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Half way

There is a childrens’ nursery rhyme that goes something like this

The Noble Duke Of York

He had a thousand men

He marched them up the hill

Then he marched them down again

But when you’re up you’re up

And when you’re down you’re down,

But when you’re only half way up

You’re neither up nor down.

That seems to be where I am. Neither up or down. Somewhere in limbo, physically speaking. Tests this week proved to show nothing. Esophageal motility …normal. CT scan, normal. No apparent explanation for the symptoms I have. I am waiting to hear back from the G.I. doc on where we go from here. My oncologist has me coming in for a PET scan on Monday morning just to be sure we aren’t missing anything.  And so again, I wait.  My appetite is noticeably down as food seems a turn off , even diet coke!

On a lighter note, Tim has accepted a job at SAIC, (Science Applications International Corporation) here in D.C. and will start sometime the first week of October.  His days of leisure are going to quickly come to and end! Actually, it hasn’t ALL been leisure as he has worked to accomplish a few long standing projects he had put off here at home.  I think he is anxious to move on with this new and exciting chapter in his life!

Keith learned this morning that he has been accepted into an accapella college group (called Madison Project) at James Madison Univ. and so we are very excited to hear him sing in his first concert with them Parent’s Weekend in early October! And the musical legacy continues! Tim will be taking Kelli there this weekend on a campus tour and visit in the new Performing Arts Center which opened this year.  She is considering JMU for next year as well.

Stay tuned as I keep you updated on our goings on and thank you for continued prayers as we seek to resolve my health issues.  I am posting a song again that I have posted before, but nonetheless a great reminder to

Be Still <–click if the video arrow below doesn’t work for you).  A restless heart is stirring in me and I need this daily reminder to… “Be still and know that He is our Father…come rest your head upon His breast, listen to the rhythm of His unfailing heart of love…”