Medical update & “‘And then there was one…”

Keith all moved in to his dorm room. Kelli says goodbye!

Last week  one more birdie flew  from our nest. Keith left for college at James Madison University here in Virginia, and now only Kelli is home with us.  Keith is an engineering student on an Air Force ROTC scholarship and is rooming in on campus dorms with a buddy of his from high school here in Woodbridge. This first week has gone well for him and no surprise, Keith is making loads of friends and entertaining all he meets!

I met with the oncologist last week for a routine follow up and what a whirlwind week it was! That same day I found myself meeting with the breast surgeon and having a breast mri that afternoon, followed by a breast ultrasound and digital diagnostic mammogram the following morning (they obviously wasted no time), only to find out the area of concern is just a cyst.  Whew! Sigh of relief. I decided that once you’ve had cancer, maybe they give you special treatment (or maybe I was just having a very good hair day 🙂   ).

But gastrointestinal troubles such as chest pain, cough, metalic taste, dysphagia, globus, and losing my meals,  have plagued me for several months and I was seen 8 days later by a gastroenteralogist.  Again, they wasted no time at all, so today had an endoscopy under anesthesia.  Two areas were biopsied and results should be back in a week.  They are hoping that this is something that can be treated with either antibiotics and/or steroidal treatments. As usual, “stay tuned” and say a prayer for quick, benign results that bring me some relief.  Love, Koryn

One thought on “Medical update & “‘And then there was one…”

  1. Koryn, We are staying tuned. More importantly we are praying for you to have a good result from the testing.

    ZoAnn and I send our love and prayers for Keith’s success in his new adventure at college.

    We send our blessings.

    Frank and ZoAnn Brinkman

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