The Trip of A Lifetime!

Click on the soldier to view photo album

Tim and I returned yesterday from our 3 week whirlwind tour of Europe! And what a trip it was!  After the year and a half we have had, this time together was a much needed get away where we escaped all stresses and just enjoyed traveling, relaxing, laughing and exploring.  We started our trip by driving 4 hours to McGuire Aur Force Base, New Jersey, where we got a space available military flight to Ramstein Air Base Germany.  We spent some time there in Germany with our former German neighbors and landlord, then caught a commercial flight to London where we spent 6 days touring both the countryside, Cambridge, and London.  We stayed at The Royal Air Force Club in London, just one block from the Queen’s house at Buckingham Palace!  We took in 2 theatre shows in London, toured Westminster Abbey,  and enjoyed the quaint and beautiful countryside of English villages.  Driving a rental car on the other side of the road has its challenges, and if I had just kept my eyes closed the entire time I wouldn’t have been so uptight, nevertheless Tim needed my navigation skills as the twists and turns through tiny villages and winding narrow roads was a bit dicey!  After a week in England we took yet another flight to Ireland where we drove from one side of the coast to the other, taking in the gorgeous scenic views and rich interesting history dating back 1,000 years.  At the end we flew back to Germany where we spent a day on the Mosel River where we use to live, and enjoyed wine tasting and strolling, reminiscing and just wishing we could go back in time and live there once again.  We visited our German neighbors and had dinner, and with a tear in our eyes, bid farewell fondly to Germany on a military C-17 aircraft bound for New Jersey on Saturday morning.  The boys’ held down the fort here at home just fine and we are now in the throws of packing up each and every one of them for college this week as well as Kyle who moves to his new apartment and starts his job in Charlottesville tomorrow.  Kelli arrives back from her month in Colorado tonight.  It’s good to be home. We’re glad to be back together as a family again if just for a day, and then we can catch up on this jet lag in the coming days!  Click on the photo of the soldier to view a few (60 or so) of our 500 pictures.  The pictures just do not tell the story! The beauty was amazing, the colors were so bold and we enjoyed 3 full rain free weeks!  Best of all Tim and I realized just how much we still enjoy one another’s company, after all these years, and hope to enjoy much more travel adventures in the coming years.

I visit my oncologist this week, which I admit I am not really looking forward to.  I’ll update sometime after that, but in the meantime enjoy the photos. Click on the first one, then you can scroll through them in full view using the next tab at the top. Captions are under each photo.

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