The End of an Era

My husband, Tim, retired from the United Stated Air Force this weekend, after 25 years of faithful service. It was a wonderful celebration of an era we served together in, and one we both bid farewell to with mixed emotion. I remember being a young bride 23 years ago and seeing Colonels retire and thinking to myself, “Gee, he looks too young to retire!” and now I look at my husband and think to myself, “Gee, he looks w – a – y too young to retire!”

After 1o duty assignments and countless lifelong friends and memories, we wouldn’t trade it for anything! I am incredibly proud of his many accomplishments, awards and honors!!!  This is now the beginning of Tim’s 2nd career, one that we don’t yet know what will be, but being settled here in the defense industry capitol of the world, he is actively interviewing and hopes to land something within the next few weeks.  Then, we have plans to travel this summer and visit family. Enjoy this video of our family celebration and tribute Tim’s service to the Air Force.

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4 thoughts on “The End of an Era

  1. That was quite impressive, that slideshow; it’ll be a treasured memento I’m sure. And you’re right that your husband looks too young to retire! He does, and so do you. I love your hair style. Gives me lots of hope for my new do someday soon. Please convey my congratulations to your husband. I wish you both a wonderful “retirement.”

  2. Congratulations to Tim, but to your entire family as well. May God grant you peace in your search, and may you find great fulfullment in whatever He has in store for you both!

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