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A New Warrior

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Many of you may remember a woman by the name of Joni Eareckson Tada from the 1980s, who at the time was a young woman whose spinal cord was severed in a diving accident.  They made a movie about her and she went on to marry and become an artist and author, writing more than 40 books.  She painted using a brush in her teeth!  She opened and now runs a center for people with disabilities.  Her faith and her passion for God has never wavered.

Now, in just the last 3 weeks, she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I have been following her blog and am amazed at her incredible ability to see her afflictions as coming from the hand of God as a means of using her to bring others to know Himself.  She has no fear.  None.  I am particularly struck by this as I deal with intense fear every single day, so much so that it consumes most of my waking thoughts.  I can’t seem to shake it.  Joni’s words from one of her very first posts after her diagnosis was that she seeks to “glance” at her problems and “gaze” at The Lord….to spend as much time reading her Bible as she does cancer related articles, journals and books.  She is grounded. Grounded in the foundation of her faith.  She will not be shaken. God is already using Joni’s experience, though months after my own, to help me face my fears and turn them over to God.  To learn to trust Him as being in control of my life. Click on the above photo of Joni to listen to her video message taped just after her diagnosis. You will see her strength and pure faith as she heals from her recent surgery and faces chemotherapy in the next couple of weeks.

Tim, the kids and I just returned from one week in St. Louis where we celebrated his parent’s 50th wedding anniversary and spent some wonderful quality time with the family.  The kids had a great time with their cousins whom they hadn’t seen in a very long time, and we enjoyed catching up with Tim’s high school friends, his siblings and parents. It was a great week of fun, memories, and relaxation. Now we are home preparing for our big European get-away, just Tim and I, so this week will be spent stocking the fridge for the kids and packing for our trip to Germany, England and Ireland where we will be spending the next 3 weeks. If you don’t hear from me in the next couple of weeks, it’s probably because I am sipping some German wine or taste testing some Irish Cider!

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The End of an Era

My husband, Tim, retired from the United Stated Air Force this weekend, after 25 years of faithful service. It was a wonderful celebration of an era we served together in, and one we both bid farewell to with mixed emotion. I remember being a young bride 23 years ago and seeing Colonels retire and thinking to myself, “Gee, he looks too young to retire!” and now I look at my husband and think to myself, “Gee, he looks w – a – y too young to retire!”

After 1o duty assignments and countless lifelong friends and memories, we wouldn’t trade it for anything! I am incredibly proud of his many accomplishments, awards and honors!!!  This is now the beginning of Tim’s 2nd career, one that we don’t yet know what will be, but being settled here in the defense industry capitol of the world, he is actively interviewing and hopes to land something within the next few weeks.  Then, we have plans to travel this summer and visit family. Enjoy this video of our family celebration and tribute Tim’s service to the Air Force.

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