Memorial Day weekend behind us, summer has arrived!

Tim and I enjoyed 3 hours kayaking the Occoquan River this weekend, he in his new fishing kayak, and I in mine, along with about a hundred other boaters in and out of the marinas along the mouth of the river where it exits into the Potomac. Note to self : Don’t go boating on Memorial Day weekend near the marinas! Next time we will put in at the river where motorized craft are not permitted. Still, we had a nice time and the sun was bright and warm.

The weekend also involved planting new flowers and veggies, grilling outdoors with 2 of the 4 kids,  and meeting Tim’s cousin and family in downtown D.C. for dinner. I also was able to work on some of the retirement details for Tim’s retirement ceremony which will take place July 2nd.  We have family traveling in from out of state and a party being planned that weekend as well, so this will keep me busy over the next few weeks. Oh, and did I mention we have another graduation in 11 days from now? (Keith – from high school) He was awarded a full Air Force ROTC scholarship last week at his school senior awards ceremony. Woo -hoo! Busy times at the Hutchison house!

My business had a 200+ % increase in May over April, with the graduations, weddings and fathers day orders, so I have hired some outside help to get me through this busy period and keep my sanity.  My friend Julie is able to help with assembly and packaging, and soon shipping for me so that I can concentrate on crafting and marketing.

As for health and such, I am going to be fitted with a TNS unit to help alleviate some of the back numbness I have had for 6 months, caused (we think) by the reconstructive surgery I went through. The physical therapist doesn’t think that the massage and heat therapy is working. While it felt great going through it (I mostly just felt like I was a spa!), not that I would know, by the way – because I have never been to a spa, the numbness would return by the next day. The TNS unit should help to interrupt those blocked nerves and send a different signal to my brain (in theory).

With all the kids home for summer right now, it is sort of like Grand Central Station here, kids coming and going to school and work, and friends in and out all the time…but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

3 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Wow! I can’t believe Tim is already retiring! What will he do with all his free time now?? And congrats on your etsy store! Mine is s…l…o…w… going – what is the secret??
    xoxo Rochelle

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