Last weekend was our son, Kyle’s, final acapella solo . He graduates from college tomorrow. Where did the last 21 years go?  Seems like just yesterday he went to his first day of preschool! Makes a mama & papa a little sad and proud all at the same time!  Here is that performance. Enjoy! If you can’t view the video box below , click HERE .

Unrelated, of course, is my physical therapy, which is ongoing now for my back numbness. So far I have had 4 sessions and will continue  as they attempt to loosen up tight bands of muscles along my spine &  possible scar tissue from the reconstruction I had.  It’s cramping my hectic lifestyle having to go twice a week,  but at least while they have me in their hands I am educating a few women (the physical therapists) about breast cancer!   They have loads of questions and that’s all it takes to get me started!  I am also in full swing with my peer counseling through Network of Strength now. For about 6 hours a week I am answering hotline calls from home.  It is rewarding and is turning something tragic into something good.

Mothers Day is Sunday and I hope to get out on the river to kayak, something we haven’t been able to do in over 8 months. Now that Tim has his own kayak, we are looking forward to many trips out this summer! Happy Mothers Day to our moms and all you mommies out there!

2 thoughts on “Typical

  1. Shouldn’t he be in 5th grade still??? WOW! Time sure does pass quickly. What a wonderful young man he has grown up to be. You are blessed!

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