All You Ask Of Me

Our son Curtis is a sophomore at University of Virginia. He belongs to a Christian singing group there and he performed his first solo last weekend. Here it is for you. Listen to the words and know that I believe what they say…God has given everything us to fulfill all He asks of us. We put a lot of pressure on oursleves, myself included, to achieve what society deems acceptable, but ultimately we answer to God for our lives. As I have struggled this week with not feeling like I am dealing well with the emotional aftermath of last years’ events in my life, this reminds me that God will get me ‘there’ in His time.   Sometimes I feel like I am falling short of what He wants me to be but I am reminded that He made me.  He loves me.  He will provide the tools for me to achieve His best for me.

If you have trouble seeing the video below, you can click HERE to view

5 thoughts on “All You Ask Of Me

  1. I think you are an inspiration to so many of us, and you continue to be. I think of you whenever i struggle with my daily life, and i thankfully am healthy.

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