April update

Kelli in the lead role of "Annie"

Last week Kelli performed the lead role of Annie in her high school’s musical. We couldn’t have been more proud! Both of her college brothers came in for the show. It was truly a delight to watch! Kelli will perform in the Virginia All State Honor’s Choir this coming week, a tremendous honor for her to be selected!
This week I began physical therapy for the numbness in my back. The therapist offered up the most plausible explanation for the numbness I have heard so far. Because I have an implant under the right chest muscle, and this muscle is in an almost constant state of spasm, the left chest muscle is having to compensate for the pulling.  He feels that if we can loosen up the muscles and stretch both sides to become more agile, then maybe this will free up some of the pinched nerve sensation going on. This all started 4 months after my surgery so it would make sense. I’m going twice a week for now and also doing band stretch exercises at home.I also began my counseling position this week taking calls from my home for the Network of Strength breast cancer hotline. I will be doing this about two mornings a week. It is rewarding to help other newly diagnosed patients.
Last year at this time, our son Keith was the lead in the spring musical. That is a wig I was wearing. My hairstyle looks oddly familiar this year but now it is my REAL hair! For being in chemo at that time I must say I  looked pretty darned good!  I had treatment two days before this photo was taken.  Maybe it was just that I was so happy?!

Keith (Jonny The Zombie) & me , April 2009

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