Be Still

This swan on the pond had a broken wing. It reminded me that we are all broken but God can make something beautiful of us!

I enjoyed the weekend away with the ladies from my church (Burke Community Church) at a retreat getaway in the hills of the Shenandoahs. It was a time for reflection and “re-grouping” the different facets of my life..The theme was “Clean Sweep”, like the TV show where a family makes a complete change from their cluttered mess to an organized, crisp clean appearance. Like the show, we must clear the clutter from the rooms of our “house”, by allowing God to take out the things that don’t belong, and replacing them with what is only good, perfect and of use.

But just like the show, sometimes we (I) like to blame someone or something else in my life for the messes, when really, only I (with God’s help) can be responsible for cleaning it up. I enjoyed a long walk in the woods with two friends, and soaking up the warm sunshine we were blessed with all weekend (if not hot water! Ha ha!)

In my time alone with God, I thought about all the restless thoughts that consume my days. Worry and stress tend to overtake me and I need to release that and be still. I need to remember how far He has brought me in the last year and that He will remain faithful to me no matter what storms blow. He never changes. The video below is a song that we meditated upon as we prayed. I was blessed by it as I hope you will be too.

Peace and quiet and some good laughs too!

Soaking up the sun and resting her head on the promises of God (literally!)


2 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. I’m sure you needed this kind of weekend. It sounds so sublime and I love the path through the pine (?) trees that would make it difficult for even me to get lose on. Great to see you looking so good. (I’m now back too after several unexpected days in hospital due to complications completely unexpected; thank God for my oncology team who refuse to let me fail. You learn so much about yourself during a time like this, don’t you?)

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