Early Morning Pin Cushion!

Today was my CT scan at the hospital. It was a rainy, dark Sunday morning drive to Walter Reed. Day Light Savings time began last night, so my 6:45 a.m. trip was a dark one. One good thing about appointments there on the weekends are that there are plenty of parking spaces in the parking garage!

This test was one using IV contrast , and true to my experience in MRI 2 weeks ago, the IV start was not easy. After 5 (count ’em, yes FIVE) tries on my left arm, the technician called for someone to come from the ER who might be more experienced with collapsed and damaged veins like mine. As  last resort, my right arm is always reserved for needle sticks because of the risk of lymphedema or infection from having had lymph nodes removed on that arm pit 18 months ago.  But today there really was no other option. The ER guy was able to get it in my right arm on the first try.

The scan only took about 15 minutes. After they were done the tech asked if I had any other tests with contrast today. I thought, hey! Let’s see if MRI could squeeze me in today rather than in 10 days when I have an appointment scheduled. So they called over to ask if I could come. They said ‘sure’,  but that I may have to wait a while. I didn’t mind waiting, especially if that meant NOT having to have another IV started for their test. So they kept the IV in my arm, and as I walked down the hall to MRI I said a little prayer. “Lord, please let them do my test today. I need results quickly, I need resolution to this problem quickly. Please God. Please.” After waiting only about 10 minutes, they brought me back! Thank you Lord!!

So now I ask for your prayers that whatever is going on in my back, causing this awkward and annoying numbness, that they find it, treat it, and I can move on without worry.

It’s still raining outside. Tomorrow maybe the sun will shine.


3 thoughts on “Early Morning Pin Cushion!

  1. Glad you got both done in one day! Praying for good result. I can sympathise with the pin cushion thing – my arms were black and blue last month. Why I can have regular blood tests in the blink of an eye but always have probs as an inpatient is a mystery. I think my veins run and hide!!!

  2. I sympathize with your vein problems. I have the same problems with mine. I pray the results are good but that a resolution for your numbness is revealed and can be treated. And that the waiting isn’t long!

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