Spring visitors

These two feathered friends decided to pay me a visit this morning but Colby, our dog, quickly scared them away. Their sudden appearance must mean that spring is on its way soon! These Canadian geese are part time residents at the lake behind our home most of the year, but the lake has been covered in ice for the past 3 months. Warmer temperatures have been a welcome change this week, and a reminder that the dark days in winter, as in life, do not last.

Hope springs eternal!

I am still dealing with the numbness and tingling in my upper back and will see the oncologistĀ  again tomorrow to discuss the next step, and possibly a CAT or PET scan to see what might be happening “inside”. I wake up to this sensation and I go to bed with this sensation. It is difficult not to let it consume my thoughts. Your prayers for a quick resolution are appreciated!

Last weekend our daughter Kelli and her boyfriend sang at a Haiti benefit concert at their high school. I hope you’ll enjoy their performance here:

One thought on “Spring visitors

  1. Thanks for the encouragement. During darkness or winter it’s hard to remember that light and joy come in the morning. I miss you and pray results come soon for you.

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