Is it Spring yet?

March is here but it is still cold and dreary in Virginia. Seems we’ve been waiting for a warm day for months. Even as a write there is drizzle on the windows and a “wintry mix” in the forecast.  I am holed up in my basement while the contractors work on my kitchen floors replacing old tiles. It’s been a long two days without access to my kitchen or the main floor of the house.

We had ice damage from last month’s storm where ice dams were created along our windows causing leaking into three of our rooms and drywall and insulation damage.  It’s going to be weeks of repairs and construction, which we don’t look forward to, but may give us a little bit of a housing face lift. I guess in the end it will all be worth it.  Tim and I are designing a new tile kitchen back splash to work on together which should make things look new again!

Last week’s MRI revealed nothing too alarming, but concerning enough that my oncologist is sending me to the neurologist whom I will see this Friday. The numbness in my back persists and could be a result of a vascular tumor found in my spine.  He doesn’t believe it to be cancerous and more in the realm of neurology.  Stay tuned! As the old saying goes, ‘if it’s not one thing it’s another’. That certainly feels true for me these days!

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