First Haircut!

“One year ago I was bald…”

This was how I began my conversation with the hairdresser. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but for me, missing my long hair and just wanting to look and feel normal again has been a big part of this cancer journey in the last year. My hair came back in curly.  It came back in gray.  The gray I took care of immediately,  but bringing myself to cut off ANY hair was a decision that took a long time to make.  After all, anything I had cut off will have to be grown back all over again! We arrived at something that will allow me to do both grow my hair back out, and still maintain some sort of “style”.

Next week I will have an MRI of my back. It has been numb and tingling for almost 3 months now. X-rays and bone scans have come back negative so hopefully they can arrive at the cause and “fix” me.  It doesn’t hurt. It’s mostly just annoying me to the extent that I would like to get rid of it. Like a foot that has fallen asleep and then you try to stand up and walk, my back on its left side feels this way. Neuropathy is common in chemo patients in the hands and feet, and I do have that in my hands upon waking each morning but it quickly goes away. This feels a little bit like that but I have never heard of anyone having it in their back. Just one more reason to make a trek back to the hospital and this time I get to go at NIGHT! They schedule MRI’s around the clock so my appointment is for 9:30 PM!

Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “First Haircut!

  1. Koryn – Your hair looks great! I’ll never forget my first haircut too…Praying that your tests are diagnostic and accurate to help solve the problem you are still struggling with. Will be anxious to hear how the allergist is able to help as well. Fondly, Ann

  2. i LOVE your hair!! you look beautiful!!! you must be getting excited about the marathon!! we usually get all the snow up here in the north!! we have had bare pavement for weeks…..SPRING IS NEXT MONTH!! take care Koryn! marianne

  3. Congrats on the hair cut and it looks fabulous. I too had really curly hair but it’s it’s not so curly but I’m about 18 months out from my last chemo. It’s still a bit wavy though. Enjoy your cute do!

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