Another Blizzard!

We were  slammed with another 30 inches of snow here in DC this week! Tim and the kids were off school and work for the whole week while crews worked to clear the roads and highways. It really paralyzed this city! Our neighbors and we finally decided to hire a snow blower we found on Craigslist to come dig us out of our drive since it is not publicly maintained.  It took Tim, Keith and I , 3 hours just to shovel the cars out!

Finally, by Friday the hospital re-opened and I was able to get in and rescedule my appointments all for that one long day.  I had follow up appointments with all my doctors and then was fit in for a bone scan. While waiting 3 hours for the nuclear dye to “take”, I went to the chemo ward to have lunch with one of my friends who is there for treatments every week.  On the drive through Rock Creek I stopped to take some pictures since it was so pretty! I thought I would share some of those here with you.  Enjoy!


Keith built an igloo in our front yard

Tim shovels while I drink Starbucks! (Hey! He's smiling!)


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