Another Day, Another Doctor

Well today I saw the allergist, and can now add another to the long list of professionals treating me since cancer stepped in.  She was very nice and fit me into her busy schedule, even though I accidentally showed up 3 1/2 hours EARLY for my appointment (seems I got the chemo brain blunders again!) She wanted to keep the pile of photos I brought in to share with her colleagues.  Some of them were pretty “extraordinary”,  and had I not known it really had happened to me, I would have thought those pictures were photo shopped myself!

She is running a bunch of blood tests to check categories in my immune system. She is also testing other things like liver enzymes, red blood cell counts (anemic 3 months ago) , protein levels (which were low in October) and in about two weeks we should have an idea of where we can go from here.  In the meantime she has prescribed an Epi-pen (self injecting epinephrine syringe) and showed me how to use it and practice with a sample practice pen for use when the coughing episodes return causing potential airway constriction.  She also put me on a daily allergy medication in hopes that maybe I will see a reduction in frequency of reactions.

Tim & Koryn -touring Washington D.C. MLK Day January 18, 2010

I’ll see my other doctors in 2 weeks for follow ups, although nothing remarkable there to discuss.

Today was 60 degrees, a nice change from our cold and wintry blues!

I took a walk with the dog and hope to get some more walking in soon as I prepare for the 40 miles walk May 1-2. It’s going to be here before we know it! To view Curtis’ Avon Walk page you can go to He thanks you, as do I , for all your support!


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