New Year, New Issues

I just had to show off my new BANGS!

Chemo can do strange things ot the body months and even years later, I am learning!

The port removal site  on my arm developed a red, prickly and itchy rash about a day or two after surgery and is still there one week later. Seems I have developed a hypersensitivity to different substances now that chemo has compromised,  or rather – “confused”, my immune system.  Other allergic reactions have been occuring for the past 8 months to include angio adema, a swelling of my face and lips, as well. (Yes, this is really me and not NOT Angelina Jolie!) And no, it isn’t funny!  (Stop laughing!)  This lip swelling has actually happened to me at least 8 different times and I have now linked it to the use of Ibuprofen as well as some foods. I have been taking Ibuprofen my whole life and never had this happen before!  It is quite embarassing! The scariest reactions have been those where my throat begins to seize up and I can’t stop coughing.  This happened last week at lunch with some friends after eating Indian food. I took an oral allergy medication and it subsided shortly thereafter, but I still went home with the left side of my face swelled and the lower right lip swelled up!  I see an allergy specialist later this month to see what can be done about these.  Nothing seems to be helping the rash stop itching so I guess I have to just wait it out. (?)

I saw the oncologist for my one month follow up today. He has referred me for some spinal x-rays to see what could be the cause of my back pain and numbness in my upper spine. This has gone on for well over 6 weeks now so I thought I’d better mentiion it to him. He said if the films don’t show anything but the problem persists he will order an MRI. I asked him if I am being paranoid, and he said every former cancer patient is paranoid but with good reason. So he assured me he will always exhaust all possibilities before assuming that it is really nothing. As we know all too well, it can sometimes be “something”. Rarely, but sometimes.

The snow from 3 weeks ago is still on the ground here, but the sun decided to come out today, and the temperatures went above 38 degrees so I took the opportunity to enjoy a very long one hour walk as I have really got to start preparing for my Avon Walk! Just less than 4 months to go! Curtis is now actively soliciting donations for his walk. You can read his Avon Walk Page by going HERE . He leaves today to go back to college after a nice long month home.  Kyle left last week to go back for his last semester, so things just got much quieter around here. And Keith got word this week that he has been accepted into James Madison University (in Harrisonberg, Virginia where Kyle attends) in the fall, so we will be just one child away from a truly “empty nest”.

Ouch! I feel old!

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