Being “de” ported

Update 1-7-10 * Owie! My arm is very sore. The port removal went well, but it was surgery so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that it hurts now. Bandages can come off  Friday.  Full activities can resume in about a week.

Tomorrow is the big deportation!  The day I get my medi-port removed!  Before beginning chemotherapy last year, I had to have a port surgically inserted into my left , above the elbow on the underside, where the infusion needle could access my veins all year.  At one point someone came up to me this year and said, “You know you have a big bruise on your arm?!” But that is the only time anybody really noticed it and I had to explain.   Now that I have finished treatment, it is time to have that taken out.  A lot of people who undergo chemo, have theirs inserted

Port under skin

on the chest, but my hospital does things a little differently and places it in the arm, especially of breast cancer patients, since this leaves one less scar on the chest, and is virtually undetectable when my arm hangs at my side.  (The scar from my MRSA infection on the right arm is much worse and farther forward and quite noticeable, actually.)  But I am glad to put this stage of things behind me and to move forward.  Unfortunately, they do not put me to sleep for this procedure, and use only a local anesthetic in the surgical suite, so needless to say, I’m just going to be glad when it is all over! (Apparently putting it in takes longer and more manipulating than taking it out.) They will access the same small one inch incision site you see running horizontally my arm, and after removal, will simple stitch me up and send me on my way.  I’ll let you know if it is an easy as they make it sound!

My left arm with port installed under the skin

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