Putting the year behind me

December 29th, 2008, one year ago, I began chemo therapy. The start of a path I never chose, but a path I had to take nonetheless.

I’ve come full circle now, able to look back and now find my direction on another path, that of wellness and healing.

The day following that first chemo infusion I remember Tim and me saying to each other that “chemo is a piece of cake!”,  and wondering what was everybody talking about? Chemo didn’t seem to affect me at all!  Then, about 24 hours later the walls came crashing down and thus began 6 months of my life on the couch.

I honestly don’t even remember much about those months. It’s sort of a big blur to me now, but I know that many angels encamped around me, protecting me, comforting me, and serving me in ways I had never imagined possible!  Some came in the form of human smiles, cards, meals, flowers, encouraging phone calls, and some in the form of a deep sleep, a relief from pain, a calm in my soul, a peace I couldn’t explain.

As I bring 2009 to a close in the next couple of days, I will always remember it, not as a horrible year, but as a year God showed His great love to me and reached down to my body and my spirit in very real and tangible ways. Had I never gone through this experience, I never would have known such goodness in people, such reliance on God, and His love to me in a reality few people ever grasp.

I pray that 2010 WILL be a Happy New Year for us all!

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