Seasons Come, Seasons Go

Seasons Come, Seasons Go , as they say, and in the past year each season has presented its own challenges and victories.  It amazes me that time just marches on, and without fail, the leaves turn colors, fall from the trees, snow makes its appearing, and once again an entire year has gone by!

This time last year life was very uncertain and fear loomed like a large freight train in the fog.

The year has come full circle and fear no longer rules my dreams at night. I still don’t know what the future holds, but I know Who holds my future!  His plans have proven to be that of good and not of destruction, “to give me a future and a HOPE!”

Just as the seasons are faithful to return, so is God faithful to be by my side no matter the storm that decides to rage around me.

This week I had another visit to the surgery clinic for an incise and drain of a skin abscess. The procedure wasn’t nearly as painful as the one on my arm. I had a different doctor this time and pleaded that he use more care in “pain management”.  He suspects that this too is a MRSA infection and has referred me to Infectious Diseases at Walter Reed where I have an appointment in 2 weeks. For some reason my body just can’t seem to fight off this infection which has potentially very serious complications.  I feel fine physically except for swollen lymph nodes and am thankful I haven’t run a fever, which would indicate that it had entered the blood stream.

At Thanksgiving time once again, we give thanks to God for all His blessings, His gift of friends and family, His gift of Hope, and answers to many prayers.

<—-Please click on this photo listen to a beautiful song                            listen carefully to the words.


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3 thoughts on “Seasons Come, Seasons Go

  1. This was a beautiful song, thanks for sharing it.
    The leaves are beautiful here in San Jose like the photo of you and Tim. God’s blessings this holiday. xoxo Di

  2. hi koryn–i enjoyed your video–lovely sentiments—it made me remember a boy who won Canadian Idol a few years back.He sang a beautiful Christian Song ‘i can only imagine’ and he took alot of flack for it but i thought it was very brave of him to sing it on an idol show–i know you mentioned your boys are singers so i thought you might enjoy watching this! xo marianne

  3. Praying for them to get these under control and giving thanks that you were able cook a 26 1/2 pound turkey with your family this year!! You deserve it after the last year you have had!!

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