MRSA again?

**UPDATE 11-22-09—things are getting worse, not better, so Monday morning I will be going back to see the surgeon. Looks like I could be spending Thanksgiving laying down…can’t sit (if you know what I mean!) This time the skin infection is on the “backside” ūüė¶


I was back to the hospital this week with another skin abscess…suspected MRSA infection.¬† This is about the 11th one, the last one being the worst one and the one that landed me in the ER!¬† The surgeon was ready to “clean it out” but I declined and asked that we TRY oral anti biotics first.¬† So that is what we are doing.¬† I just couldn’t bare the thought of a needle going into that thing since it was terribly painful the last time.

If it responds, great!¬† If it doesn’t respond, then MRSA would be assumed since the “R” in MRSA stands for resistant.¬†¬† No fever, so that is a good thing, though my lymph nodes have been tender.¬† My body is fighting something. Let’s pray these medicines do their job and I don’t end up admitted to the hospital again. Here is my arm 6 weeks ago and (before surgery) again as it looks now.¬† A referral to infectious disease will be next as we do not know what could be causing these. My white blood cell counts are great and my immune system should be functioning, but for some reason chemo has caused it to be compromised.

Thanksgiving week is upon us. Kyle and Curtis will be home from school and we’ll spend a quiet holiday at home with our 26 1/2 pound turkey. Yes, I did say 26 1/2 pounds! What was I thinking? Is my oven that big?

Holiday shoppers are shopping in full force and I am a busy beaver with my jewelry orders. I don’t have time to get sick! I guess with Thanksgiving falling a little bit later this year, the shopping frenzy started early.¬† I’m personally behind the curve on that one, but ready or not, Christmas will come and if I don’t happen to get those Christmas cards out on time, so what.¬† Maybe we’ll send our Happy New Year 2010 letter celebrating my completion of chemo treatments! The last one will be December 3rd – yeah!

To view my Avon Walk fund raising progress, go HERE! I am half way there! 5 months and $930 to go!

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