I’m In It To END it!

Click HERE to view my Avon Walk page and to follow my fund raising progress! avonwalk_logo

As many of you know, I will be walking in the Avon Walk for breast cancer next May 1-2, 2010, which is just 6 months from now!  I must raise  $1,800 in order to participate in the walk. The funds raised will go towards helping women in our local community get access to early detection that they might not otherwise get, as well as to raise funds towards breast cancer research and development of treatments.

Having been through treatment myself, I have become aware that the drugs used in chemo therapy have had ot be studies for many, many years and funded in trials before going to market.  One of the I.V. drugs I receive took more than 10 years just to gain FDA approval and even 5 years ago was unavailable to women with my type of breast cancer called her2Neu.  Back then, these women were given little to no hope of surviving breast cancer. Today I am given an excellent prognosis because of the thousands of dollars raised in breast cancer walks around the country.

I will be walking with Rachael & Curtis, my college son at UVA. Rachael walked for me last spring 4153_1061588831262_1572180032_30180100_3754010_nand I look forward to entering this challenge with her.  We are in it TO BEAT IT! Beat breast cancer!

Please click on the above link to be taken to my donation page. Thanks so much! Any amount you can donate is very much appreciated and truly  does make a difference!

Love, Koryn


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