MRSA me!

Mercy! I finally think we have discovered what has been causing the lesions/abscesses on my neck, abdomen andMe - Sunday October 4, 2009 arm. I developed one last week on my right upper inside arm area (they start out looking like a boil) and by Saturday was miserable with pain, hot red swelling so went to the doctor.  She put me on Cipro but by Monday I was in A LOT of pain and the symptoms weren’t any better, in fact they were getting much worse. I drove straight over the the doctor’s office without an appointment after playing phone tag with the nurse all morning.  She sent me to an Urgent Care clinic and that is when I met Dr. Al, an Iraqi refugee turned doctor and 15 year breast cancer survivor!  She had an amazing story, by the way.   Right away she said she thought this was the dangerous MRSA staph infection and because I had gone through chemo last spring (when all of this started) and because I frequent the hospital so much, that I probably contracted it there.  She lanced and cultured it and sent me home with double duty antibiotics and instructions for the whole family so that they don’t catch it. MRSA is very contagious skin to skin, and if it enters the blood stream it can be deadly. She did a blood test right then and there and said I was very lucky.  I won’t post a photo of my arm, but suffice it to say that my family keeps asking me to cover it up!  I would, except that it is too painful to have anything touching it at all!

On a brighter note, this being Breast Cancer Awareness month, I am beading up a storm of bracelets and awareness items for a fund raising event at Walter Reed’s Breast Care Center on the 22nd. I will be trying to raise $1,800 for the next 7 months for my Avon Walk for breast cancer that I am going to do with Curtis’  girlfriend, Rachael.  I was just finishing up chemo therapy last May when Rachael walked in my name for two days in the pouring rain.  I will post my Avon support page soon!

Thanks for your continued prayers!


2 thoughts on “MRSA me!

  1. Oh Koryn- I am praying for you. I am so sorry! What a blessing that you were on top of it enough to go back in even without an appointment. Praise the Lord!

  2. Ow! You poor thing! I hope it settles very soon on the right treatment. My poor mama got MRSA and C.Diff when she had her stroke (caught them in a French hospital), and my poor SIL has MRSA in her hip joint. Yes IN her hip joint. They had to take it out (it was a replacement joint) and now she’s left with no joint in there until it all clears up. What a mess! It seems no country is free of the darn bug 😦 HUGS to you!

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