One Year – Year One!

imgp50602On this day last year, OCTOBER 1st, 2008, I was sitting in a doctor’s office receiving the news that I had breast cancer. What a difference a year makes! This is <——-me one year ago on my 45th birthday in October.  It’s been one year and this is year #1 of my survival, and hopefully the first of many, many more! Most recurrences happen in the first 2 years following diagnosis than in any other time frame. After 5 years of no recurrence, a breast cancer patient has a very high chance of never having the disease again. That is my goal. My hope.

So what am I doing today to celebrate!? I bought myself a dozen pink roses and I went to a spin class! With high powered velocity I sat on that bike next to my friend, a 2 year survivor in her pink tutu skirt, and together we rode our butts off for a full hour!  Happy to breathe and breathe HARD and healthy!

I handed out more than a dozen pink ribbons to every stranger I saw and a guy at Panera and told him that real men wear pink!  He put it on immediately. Today I also signed up to do the Avon breast cancer walk here in Washington D.C. May 1 and 2nd, 2010 along with my son’s girlfriend who walked it this past year in my name.  I pledged to raise $1,800 towards my efforts along with Avon.  I have a much greater appreciation for fund raisers for this cause now because I feel like I am a direct recipient of those dollars. The chemo drug that I am currently on took ten years of development and hundreds of thousands of dollars in research. Because of it I have a very good prognosis. Support your friends who are doing the walks and the runs. It counts! AND I started a new web site called Reduce Your Risk in an effort to educate others with what I have learned in the past year. Please pass this site on to all the young women in your life!

Thank you to everybody who stood by me this year and supported me through what was a very difficult year. I love you! And thanks to God for giving me strength to get through treatment and showering me with His love through all of my friends and family. I am blessed!

7 thoughts on “One Year – Year One!

  1. Happy Anniversary Koryn! You are much loved and prayed for. I am so excited that you are walking in the Avon walk this year. That is wonderful!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Hi Koryn! I was so touched by your story at Breakaway on Tuesday – thank you so much for sharing! Your story is amazing and I see God’s hand in it all. I’m thankful for your year anniversary & pray many, many more to come!! Thanks Koryn for being so transparent for us all – you are a gift!!!

  3. Hey Congratulations!!! I have been thinking of you often. I am doing a marine marathon here in Okinawa on Oct 25 and I will be thinking of you and all people dealing withthings we JUST DO NOT HAVE TIME for you know what I mean You look great wiuth the new doo enjoy the beautiful fall I am going to miss it this year .

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