The Storm

I love this song.  I have heard it many times over the course of my storm called cancer and am well aware that sometimes God doesn’t take away the storms in my life.  But I have felt Him calm me within.  I am at that place now.  A calm place.  Sure, the dangers that lurk in this sea of my life hover beneath me all the time, but I have felt carried through this years’ storms and I know that come what may, He will carry me through those too. Please visit Reduce Your Risk pages to learn more about breast cancer risks.


One thought on “The Storm

  1. I was diagnosed with Stage 2B Breast Cancer in 2005. I was only 35 years old and NO family History. Thank God I am a 4 year Survivor and Valentines Day of 2010 will mark my 5th YEAR! I am so excited. Thank you for sharing this lovely song. It is AWESOME.

    Take Care,

    Your Survivor Friend… Pam Wise

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