9423_1163887830659_1631774403_403109_3206188_n (2) Okay, so I knew that title would get your attention! This is me at my first social function in 8 1/2 months without a wig, a hat or a scarf!  Last weekend I went to a friend’s birthday party “as is” with my fuzzy head of hair. I have to gel it a bit or else I look like I have bed-head, but there are worse things, right?

The blond behind me in the pink shirt in this picture is my friend and fellow breast cancer survivor, Donna, who has given me so much inspiration and courage through these last few months. (Birthday girl is behind her in polka dots – thatnks for including me Annemarie!) Together, next month, Donna and I celebrate our 1 and 2 year survival dates, respectively. 9423_1163887990663_1631774403_403113_7877787_n (3) Next week at my church ladies Bible study I will be giving my “story”, and telling how God has brought me and our family through the most difficult year of our lives.  If I can get through those 12 minutes without melting in tears it will be a miracle!

I have been reading over some of my early blog entries from last September and October, which you can read too by clicking on the archive dates to the right on this page.  I am reminded of how my life has rested in the palm of God’s hands and how I have felt “carried” through this past year.  Carried because of those around me who have lifted my spirits, provided for my physical needs, and the prayers of many.

How do I feel?

Grateful. Strong. Empowered.
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4 thoughts on “Topless!

  1. Oh Koryn-you look absolutley gorgeous! Your smile just lights up your face and you are positively glowing! I am so very happy for you that you are again feeling so strong, determined & empowered! And I have to say I am majorly impressed with your “workout ethic” in your new gym routine-wow! Your dedication certainly shows! I know that you will again touch many when you tell your story at your bible class-you are fulfilling the plan God has for you to be witness to and of the miracles of living in faith, love and hope. I am so proud to know you! Hugs!

  2. You DO look gorgeous, I agree with laurie!! You are such an inspiration, and I bet you didn’t feel like it when you were going through so much, but I’ve been in awe since the beginning. Take care. God bless xx

  3. I’ve been reading your posts since someone gave me the link last April. I went back end read from the beginning. It was great reading how you got through it with God. I was diagnosed in January and finished the last major treatment last month (lumpectomy,chemo, then radiation). Though my journey has been simpler, it was very good to read about smeone else’s jouney. No one else mentions what happens to your nails! (just the one line in the drug sheet “may cause nail discoloration”!). Thank you for taking the time to right, and being so open and honest.

  4. Koryn – For some reason I’ve lost you on FB? I have missed your posts there. I”d like to re-connect there if you are still posting there.

    Congratulations on this great step and for those strong, empowered feelings!!

    Take care and enjoy those short hair days…topless. Ann

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