Iron and Gold

P8300823Well this past weekend Tim and I were kayaking out on The Occoquan again (this is practically an every week outing for us).  The season is drawing to a close and we are hoping to purchase our own kayaks soon as the marina where we normally rent them is closing the end of this month.  Once we have our own boats we can put in on any river at any point and will have much more exploring ahead of us!  P8300821

Physical exercise has been key to me raising my energy levels and so I joined a gym.  Yes!  You heard me right, Gold’s Gym!  I have never been a gym person.  Those places have ALWAYS intimidated me, but my last heart scan was not very encouraging, showing a 10% loss in function since starting chemo.  So, I laced up my tennis shoes and decided this is my time.  My time to get fit, to feel healthy, to gain muscle, to lose fat and to strengthen my heart.  I have been taking spin classes and also working out with weights and machines.  I have been on the eliptical and treadmills and bikes, and am feeling better than ever!  I have found several friends who go to the same gym, and so we meet there for classes together or to just have a partner next to each other on the machines.  I also started taking iron supplements since my hemoglobin has been low and I was feeling so incredibly fatigued.  This has seemed to help a lot.  My next infusion will be Wednesday next week, and then the countdown begins! Five, Four, Three, Two One and Merry Christmas to me I will be done with chemo! What a celebration that will be!

The kids go back to school next week and the start of a new school year marks the one year point of my breast cancer diagnosis. It is hard to believe all that has happened in that amount of time.  I am done looking back! Only looking forward now!

One thought on “Iron and Gold

  1. Onwards and upwards, Koryn! Can’t believe it’s been a year. For me it seems to have flown by, but I bet for you it’s seemed a lot longer… Lots of gentle healing vibes coming from this side of the pond xx

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