The New Do’s Debut!

010-11-1 Women know.  It’s the single most identifying feature of us all….our hair. Straight, curly, permed, highlighted, low lighted, we have done it all.  Women pay big bucks to have the looks they desire for their hair, and they do it often and without remorse. They feel entitled.  It comes with the territory of femininity and fashion.  It’s just what we DO. We also cry about our hair, call our girlfriends about our hair and here’s a new one, BLOG about our hair! Ha ha!

I have never done THIS before, and it feels very, very foreign.  Sprouting a new head of hair isn’t like growing a garden.  No Miracle Grow for hair exists.  It comes in at its own sweet pace, and it comes in with no  idea of where to lay down. No part, no cowlick…just WILD, funky and uncontrollable hair. Mine came in very gray a few weeks ago but I finally couldn’t take it anymore and decided to color what little I have to its original medium brown.  Even still, looking at myself in the mirror is not something I have gotten use to.  I still long deeply to have my old hair return, to be able to twirl it between my fingers and to brush its long strands, to twist it up into a claw clip or to rope it off into a pony tail.  Instead, I have wavy, spiky  sprouts, each with a mind of its own.  The day can’t come soon enough when I will have something that can actually be trimmed and styled.  Until then, ball caps and bandanas cover up my crazy locks when I go out in public, and I do a double take when I pass by a mirror in the hall.  Who is that person?  I still can’t believe it’s me.  I watched a hilarious video about a woman’s history of hair, and I thought you’d enjoy it too. So here’s to our hair, ladies! Enjoy what you’ve got! “Every day with hair is a good hair day!”

A fellow breast cancer survivor wrote to me today and said something that struck me…she said, “Use this time as a gift”. I am trying to find God’s gifts to me in breast cancer instead of the many curses a disease can bring. I am sure years from now I will look back and wish for these moments of reflection, days of thinking about what matters most in life, and counting the many blessings in my life.

(This video is courtesy of Brian Walsh who write’s My Wife With Cancer‘s blog at  His wife Karen is battling breast cancer too. Karen is about 6 months behind me in her treatment. )


3 thoughts on “The New Do’s Debut!

  1. Wanted to let you know I just stumbled upon your blog a few days ago. I began blogging my own journey with cancer just last month, only days after my diagnosis of colorectal cancer. I know without a doubt that writing about this is already helping me heal, and I can see that your writing is doing the same for you so many months into your battle. You’re beautiful and authentic and strong, and an inspiration.

    With your permission, I’d like to include a link to your blog in my blogroll. I’m so grateful for all the incredible love and support I’m receiving from far and wide through my site. I’d be honored to direct some of that wonderful energy your way, too.

    It made me smile to see that we both posted entries about our hair today (mine not quite so dramatic as yours, but I let go of about 8 inches for now). I’m sending many prayers and blessings to you.
    -Karen G.

  2. Your hair looks great. Mine came in really curly and grey so I too had to color what little I had. It’s grown out a bit now and I’m getting my first haircut next week. It’s been a long haul but I’m glad to finally have some hair again too. Best wishes and enjoy the do!

  3. Koryn:

    Thanks so much for your supportive comments on my blog ( and for all of your thoughts and prayers for Karen. We appreciate them all and offer our own prayers for your healing and recovery.

    I’m glad you left the link to your blog. I’ve read through some of your recent posts and enjoy your stories.

    All the best to you and your family!


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