For Charlotte


“Hope is like a bird that senses the dawn and carefully starts to sing

while it is still dark.”  ~ Anonymous

I awoke this morning to an e-mail from a college student named “Sam”.  She was writing to remind me that one year ago her mother, Charlotte,  found me on the internet.  Charlotte and I designed a pair of necklaces together which would serve as  mementos  for her and her daughter as Sam went off to her first year of college.  Sam is the eldest of three children and her mother and she had a very special bond.  Her mom reached out to me at a time when she was struggling with letting her first bird leave the nest.  I guess I was a “seasoned” college mom.

Well,  unknown to me, Charlotte began reading this blog last fall.  I began these writings months after our internet transaction.  She found strength and inspiration here which would become a source of power in her own fight a few short months later. She developed stomach cancer earlier this year and endured months of chemo and radiation before finally losing her battle in June,  just 2 months ago.  She left behind a husband, Sam and two younger children.

I am humbled and saddened this morning.  I grieve for a young woman whose life is now forever altered by the loss of her mother, and a family broken and hurting.  I am all too aware that this could could easily be my family, and yet it is not.  Cancer is an indiscriminate and evil thief, who without warning will strike its next victim.  I think that some days I am oblivious to the statistics and the stories, never believing it could happen to me.  I don’t think that anyone with cancer ever truly believes it could be them or their loved one.

Sam wanted me to know that this blog had helped her mom during her darkest days.  It helped her fight.  Today I hope that Sam can see that in spite of this pain, God has a tremendous love for her that will be ever present in her as she remembers her mom.  I pray that as another school year begins, that Sam will see hope in her future, and that she too will sing in the dark.

One thought on “For Charlotte

  1. What a surprise to turn on my computer this morning and find my daughter and granddaughter’s names!

    Charlotte received so much from your blog and all the music inspirations that came at a Godly time! She celebrated with you and cried for you in your struggles.

    I think of when the time came to say goodbye to family and friends and the joy on her daughters face when Sam annnounced she was wearing her necklace. I am so proud of the wonderful caretaker Sam was to her Mommy in her battle with cancer.

    I am thrilled Charlotte is no longer in pain and is at peace and in the arms of her Lord and Master. However in our human nature we do miss her and always will. Thank you for being so honest and open with your struggles what a gift to us all…..alice

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