Wiped Out

pamspics01068This week I went to see my oncologist about the extreme fatigue and weight loss I have been experiencing for the last 4 months.  My weight has been dropping about a pound per week and I am not even trying!  My appetite is just w-a-y down from what it use to be.  I didn’t have a net gain OR loss during chemo, but now it seems my body is just wiped out from everything.  I wanted to make sure no stone was going unturned in my cancer battle. 

The doctor ran tests for thyroid (though normally a sluggish thyroid means weight GAIN), and he tested for anemia, which I am slightly , but not enough to treat it clinically with infusions.  He is waiting on some other tests to come back next week for various other things that could be contributing.  He said that it can take over a year for chemo patiets to recover from therapy and that even the Herceptin infusions I am still getting for another 5 months could be a factor.  He also said it could be related to the hormone blocking drug I am on, which throws a woman into menopause but generally these women expereince weight gain as well.  SO in short, he doesn’t know why I feel this way but there was no “smoking gun”, as he put it.  We will monitor things for now.

I joined the local gym and started exercising in hopes of building back some muscle tone and working my heart to build it’s strength  up too.  The first day I was nervous about going, since I am and never have been a gym rat!  I didn’t know the first thing about the machines or equipment, but my friend Brenda was there and it was her first day too!  Together we  did the eliptical machines and chatted for about 30 minutes.  It sure was nice to know somebody there.  My second visit I ran into two other friends who go there regularly and agreed to help me try a  class or learn the weights.  Thanks Maggie and Jaime!  So my new activity is going to the gym at least three times a week, and maybe even getting the body I’ve always wanted!  There are certain things about my post cancer body that I can’t change now, but this is something I CAN do and achieve.  At the very least it should help give me more stamina during my days and help me feel more energized.

Tim and I enjoyed 3 days away at the beach in North Carolina last weekend.  A much needed get away for just the two of us!  But even while completely relaxed, I felt very tired.  Summer is winding to a close now and the kids will go back to school in


 the next few weeks.  It was one year ago that I got that fateful letter saying to return for further views on my mammogram.  What a year! Thank you for your continued prayers!


4 thoughts on “Wiped Out

  1. You look beautiful Koryn, keep your head up and keep on fighting.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you!

    Kim Jensen/Conrad….I got remarried

  2. Sorry you’re feeling so wiped out. I hope the gym and the little trip helped. You’ve come so far in this past year, keep it up 🙂 HUGS from the UK

  3. Apparently time flies whether we are having FUN or not. A year wow. I relate to the fatigue…sorry we have to go through this. Keep up your faith. You’ve been an inspiration to so many.
    xoxo your Sissy

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