A Long, Long Day

Today started with a drive in the steady rain and rush hour traffic to the E.R. to have my arm looked at.  My left arm, where my port is installed,  has been hurting for 4 days now, a throbbing dull ache and slight swelling…time to check for a blood clot again.  My oncologist suggested I go through th E.R. for fastest service.  Well, after an over 2 hour drive just to get there, then 2 3/4 hours later finding that there is no clot that they can find on ultrasound (but doesn’t mean that there isn’t one, as the doctor said), I then drove 2 1/2 more hours to Charlottesville to pick up Curtis who has just completed his freshman year of college and bring him home for the summer

The day we dropped Curtis off at college 10 months ago!

.  I let him drive the 2 hours home. I was beat!  Thankfully the rain let up.

The day we dropped Curtis off at college 10 months ago!

If the arm doesn’t stop hurting we will re-evaluate when I am there for my infusion two days from now.  Good news is that now I can take Ib013uprofen for the pain.  Before, while on chemo, I wasn’t able to take it due to a low platelet count.  So we’ll see how that works.  I could opt to have the port removed and have them start a fresh IV for each infusion over the next 8 months.  I’d rather not have to do that,  so you can pray that the pain subsides!

My fingers still hurt and are numb on the tips. Here’s what they look like now- owie!  A chemo-manicure of sorts!  They feel like I smashed them in a door.  I will ask on Wednesday if I am able to have a real manicure – my friend has plans to take me next week,  before my trip to California.  I have never had one in all my 45 years so I guess it’s time to treat myself to some pampering, but my doctor may say ‘no’  so that he can monitor what it happening under the nails.   I am anxiously looking forward to some time away next week when I go to visit my family – some time away to not think about doctors and cancer, and a time to visit friends and celebrate my parent’s 50th anniversary and new niece’s 1st birthday…a much needed escape for me!


One thought on “A Long, Long Day

  1. I can’t believe you’ve never had a manicure! Wow! I hope the doctor will let you get one —– you definitely deserve the pampering 🙂 It’s amazing how something so simple can make you feel so pretty 🙂

    I’ll definitely be praying this pain subsides!

    Much love and prayers.

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