Where Do I Go From Here?

il_430xn_65109628With major chemo treatments finished (just targeted gene therapy still ongoing), I find myself asking what next?  LET IT GO – – SURRENDER YOUR HEART—LIBERATE YOUR DOUBTS—UNLEASH YOUR INTUITION—TAKE A RISK—DO THE THING YOU DIDNT THINK YOU COULD DO—MANIFEST COURAGE.  This is why I like this <—art here so much (at left).

This past week on chemo was rough.  The nausea lasted about 8 days, and taste was out of reach, but yesterday I began to feel well again and even enjoyed lunch out with a friend!  I still feel weak and tired, but a whole lot better, and wake up feeling ready to face the day and accomplish something.  The sun is shining and temperatures in the 80’s this weekend will make it feel like spring really has arrived. 

Today I will attend my first breast cancer support group.  My new friend is taking me, she herself an 18 month survivor.  She brought us a wonderfully delicious dinner this week (thank you Donna!) and has really shown me that one year from now I, too, can feel and be well again.  It is good to surround myself with positive people and hope.  I really look forward to meeting other survivors and hearing their stories and learning about life after breast cancer.  As I am finding, there is a whole other world of information out there about nutrition, supplements, and health that I was never interested in before.  AND I am feeling like the AFTER breast cancer is closer than being treated for breast cancer.

One of the things I have noticed in a big way is that my eye site has suffered tremendously through chemo.  These last two treatments have taken their toll.  Eye twitching has been a side effect for weeks, periodically having to hold my lids still with my fingers until they settle down, but vision has deteriorated to the point where I can’t see anything 2 feet in front of me.  I am scheduling an eye appointment as soon as I can.  I get through the day with very strong “readers”.  A nosebleed in the store yesterday reminded me that these drugs are still raging through my body and aren’t finished with their work yet.  My nails have continued to show furthered signs of bleeding underneath. I hope they can hang on until the end.  My large big toenail looks like he is ready to give up and fall off.  At least I can hide him in my shoe!

My son’s girlfriend Rachael is just $450 away from her fundraising goal and ability to walk in the Avon Walk which is in just 10 days!  Way to go Rachael!!  Thank you so much. Here is the link to her Avon Walk page: http://walk.avonfoundation.org/site/TR?px=4439340&fr_id=1760&pg=personal

One thought on “Where Do I Go From Here?

  1. You’re just amazing Koryn! I’m so happy for you that you have finished the chemo; end of Round 1!! I look forward to your blogposts in 1 year’s time, showing us how well you feel, when all this will be in the past. Hugs from a sunny and warm “old” England 🙂

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