Last of the Neulasta Shots!

0211022So here is the last of the $36,000 (6 x $6,000) in shots to keep me well during chemo therapy the last 4 months.  Amazing,isn’t it?  Thank goodness for military medical insurance! This medicine allows my own white blood cells to begin to rebuild in about 5 days from now, causing some bone pain in my lower back.  I wouldn’t trade it, though, as it prevents me from the high susceptibility to infection and, even still,  I have managed to get a few of those over my treatment course.  Tim puts up with my whining as it stings going into the arm, but it is short lived and has no ill side effects.  He’s such a good nurse!

2 thoughts on “Last of the Neulasta Shots!

  1. He’s a good ‘un! Bet you’re glad that part’s over, though! You know, my other half is very bad with hospitals; so much so, even when I had my breast cancer scare (10% chance before the op), he settled me into my room at the hospital and practically RAN out of the ward. He’s ok if I’m sick at home, but hospitals are another thing altogether…

  2. Hey There! Congratulations on the last SHOT!! So Lucky to have not only a gret husband that has been with you through it all but one that can give shots TOO!!! So happy for you all that this part of the journey is nearly done! Our prayers are with you Koryn for strength and healing as you continue to recover! Much Love and Frindship!


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