Done With Chemo! Spring (hair) has Sprung!

017Here I am (gypsy-look) at the end of the last chemo drip bag,  (hey! I got a window seat this day!) looking a little worn, a little swollen from two days of steroids, but finished with the major treatments now.  Even  with all of the anti-nausea drugs they give me orally and in my IV, I still walked out of there nauseated. It subsided after dinner until around 4 A.M.  Breakfast and more drugs helped.  My day was spent chatting with the ladies in the chair next to me.  The first, a hospital administrator named Joyce, who works in hospitality at Walter Reed, she herself now a breast cancer patient, stage 3.  She was so inspiring and so glowing and full of hope and love for God!  We exchanged information in hopes of connecting again – then DeWanda took her place and was in hematology, for severe anemia and an iron infusion.  As it turned out we live just 2 major streets over from one another! Small world!  It was nice to talk about our college kids, and about living in our suburb and other places we have traveled.  I’m glad when I find other patients to pass the time with me who like to chat.  Tim arrived mid afternoon from the metro he took from work, and stayed with me the final two or three hours.

Yesterday I notice that sprouts of hair are starting to already emerge! See?012

There are quite a 011few gray sprouts in there as well, so it seems your scalp has a memory of what was there before! (If you zoom on the second photo)  🙂 It reminds me of freshly sprouted grasslings of spring! I hope in another month to have twice this much, but it will be many months before there’s enough to 005actually style. 020 You can see here that my brows have thinned but have held on enough to be pencilled in and luckily I still have lashes, though difficult sometimes to find to put mascara on.

You can see the bruising spots under my fingernails here, feel a bit tender still, the worst being on my middle finger where I wear my SURVIVOR ring and Pink Susan G. Komen ring – how appropriate!  If I can do this, I feel like I can do anything now and come out of it okay, and maybe even a better person, more filled with compassion and more aware of what life is really about.  Know what it means to fight and survive!  Today will be my “best day” this week so I have errands to run before the “crash” comes sometime tomororw, with nausea and fatigue. 

I don’t expect to post much in the next few days unless feeling up to it.  Thanks so much for meals and prayers you are sending over this way! They are so appreciated!  A sunny warm weekend is in the forecast, so hopefully I can at least get out on the porch and soak up some rays and breath in the fresh air while Tim mulches the yard!

3 thoughts on “Done With Chemo! Spring (hair) has Sprung!

  1. WOW!!! you are in the home stretch! Keep thinking the good thoughts and enjoy the warmer and “sunnier” weather! I know a day in the sun is the best kind of medicine!

  2. Yay! Hair!! You are an inspiration. I’m sorry about the nausea, but you are beating it 😀 Take care and hope you can enjoy some rays. Apparently we’re going to get some this weekend, after a week of drizzle. I can’t wait!

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