It’s Almost Over!

il_430xn_53075434 Hopeful. That is what I feel today as I look forward to my LAST and final chemo therapy session tomorrow. Four months ago this date seemed so far away, but here it is.  Although I feel like I should be looking forward to it, I guess I do dread the upcoming week as I now know all too well what to expect.   But I also know that in about two weeks I will start to feel like  butterfly emerging new and full of life, and THAT I do look forward to!

So what lies ahead of me next? Some of you have asked that.  After tomorrow’s chemo, I return the following two Wednesdays for infusions of one of the drugs, Herceptin, which is designed to halt the growth gene in breast cancer.  After that, I will get Herceptin every three weeks through my IV port for another 8 months.  (This is not considered chemo therapy,  but rather a “targeted gene-therapy” and does not cause sickness type side effects or hair loss). I have been asked to  join a support group on those days for chemo therapy patients, and to act as a helper to those who are just entering their chemo therapy or those still going through chemo, as one who has been through it and lived to “tell”.  Our summer plans are a little unknown yet as I will have surgery sometime in June to remove the tissue expander.  I just hope that it will be a quick recovery as I am anxious to start exercising and getting in shape, reclaiming my body, and moving forward with life.  We feel like we have been in a time warp for 6 months since my diagnosis.  But we are hopeful and are optimistic that this journey will be behind us and a new chapter will begin.  I look forward to what new insights I will realize having gone down this road, and  new friends I will encounter because of cancer.  I have already been so blessed to have gained those I’ve met during my treatment who have bolstered me up and gotten me through.  Thanks for being there.   And thank you for praying for me this week and weekend as I typically have had awful nausea for several days. My kids are in their school musical this weekend, and Keith is the lead character. I so desperately want to be well enough to attend and enjoy the show Friday night. SO thanks for your prayers to that end! I will update you all in a few days.

God Bless!


One thought on “It’s Almost Over!

  1. hi dear–i am so happy to know that the spring is bringing with it an end to the miseries of chemo—perfect timing—new growth all around!—i have been following your journey but don’t like to comment too often as i am just an internet acquaintance —however i am so happy to hear how well you are coming along and i am soooo very happy that you are headed into happier times-!!—-you will be such a help to those who are lucky enough to meet you in the coming weeks! take care ! marianne

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