A Legacy Left Behind…

james-blank-haze-in-redwood-national-park-californiaMy grandma Lottie passed away this weekend.   Lottie was my last living grandparent,  at age 97.  She had such a rich and full life.  A life with no regrets.  I imagine in this photo she is walking with Jesus, finally in the presence of the One who meant most to her on this earth.  I wonder what they will talk about?  I wonder how many are in Heaven to greet her today because she pointed the way for them there?  She lived her life to please only Christ, and nobody else.  She left a shining example to me and my children that what we do in this life matters and God sees it all.  A legacy I am grateful for.

She knew in her later months that I had cancer, but she knew I would be alright.  She called me “the younger one”, as she couldn’t quite remember names.  I’m sure she remembered the times we had all spent together through the years, though.  I was with her nearly a year ago when I went to see her in California.  Her mind was fading then but her smile was ever present and her zest for living, and people never wained.

My fondest memory is of the time she came to visit me in Virginia just 6 years ago.  There was a meteor shower taking place at 3 a.m. one night.  I asked her if she had ever seen one and she said No, that nobody had ever taken her to one.  She would never have dreamed of walking out her front door to view one in the middle of the night!  (That just wouldn’t be safe!)  So she and I got up in the middle of the night and laid in sleeping bags on my driveway and watched the stars fall from the sky like rain.  It was the most amazing site!  The most amazing memory – one I will forever treasure.  Now she is with the stars and their maker forever.

I will eat Cream of Wheat in her honor today – with raisins, of course!  Just like we use to eat in her kitchen when I was a little girl.lottie Lottie Brown Covher 1912 – 2009


2 thoughts on “A Legacy Left Behind…

  1. My fondest memory is walks around the block in downtown San Jose with my doll. I think of Wheat Thins and Sharp Tillamook cheese eaten on her cutting board in place of a table at snack time. Of course don’t sit too close to the TV, don’t spoil your supper by eating that snack, be sure to wear a sweater before you go outside. An I only eat four saltine crackers. 🙂
    xoxo to you Korynie

  2. What a sweet and wonderful memory to have with her… in your driveway!! Agh, that is so sweet!! I am sorry to hear of her passing and will say extra prayers for comfort for your family tonight.

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