Chemo #5 down!

Lincoln & Washinton MonumentsPassing the Lincoln (on left) and Washington (sticking up behind the trees) Monuments crossing the Memorial Bridge on my way to Walter Reed.

This is the view across The Potomac river to Georgetown as I pass under The Kennedy Center For The Perofming ArtsView of Georgtown from across The Potomac RiverQ-Sttreet Bridge

This is the Q street bridge <—which you can read more about here, but it was finished in 1915 on Christmas Day and is adorned with the sandstone heads of 56 indians. It is my favorite site on my drive to Walter Reed.  It is almost as if they are looking down on me with their strength.

Q-Street Indian HeadSigns of Spring on Rock Creek ParkwayRobin waiting for SpringSee Mr. Robn bird waiting for Spring along the Rock Creek? I almost missed him sitting there!Sun spills through the trees across Rock CreekPulling up to the hospital

Entering the hospital complex. Notice that as I walk up from the parking garage there is a sign -Walter Reed Army Medical center is 100 years old this year!  It says:  “Est. 1909”

Walking up from the parking garage into the hospital

I stop every week to get my free popcorn from the soldiers who are set up in the lobby – my weekly “fix” before chemo!

Me and my weekly popcorn fix!Me and my chemo buddy Ashlynn

My chemo friend, Ashlynn, whom I met when I first started 3 months ago.  She is finished with her treatment now (yeah!) and stopped by yesterday to say hello.

Me and my chemo nurse, Irene

Me and my head chemo nurse, Irene, who is moving next week. Boohoo.  She always was so thorough and could make the patients laugh.  She will be missed! Boy I am lookin’ worn out in this picture!

So today is my first day after chemo cycle #5.  I woke up every two hours through the night to use the bathroom – lots of bags of fluids yesterday, plus I am pushing more and more water to see if that helps to flush the chemo drugs out of my system sooner and keep me from dehydrating, a common problem for some chemo patients.  There’s someone in there almost every week coming in JUST for re-hydration, and sometimes have to be hospitalized for it.  I am tired, but hanging in there.  Only slight nausea so far, and that is controlled.   I just started the anti-nausea steroids and Emend today so that should help also.   With just one more major cycle to go in April, I am seeing the light near the end, and that is a great feeling.  I want to say thank you to so many people for helping us through. 019

Kiki, for walking Colby so faithfully during the week. He loves you as much as I do!

Sara, for all the meal coordination and to those of you who have lovingly prepared our family such yummy meals!

To those who pray – I feel God’s presence when you do and I am thankful to have you in this fight!

Please keep up the prayers!

-That the nausea would go away completely and that I would regain my energy through red blood cell hemoglobin and avoid a blood transfusion.

-Pray that my liver enzymes would remain lowered as an irritated liver causes me pain in my side.

-Please also  pray against infections which  have hammered me the last two months with bladder infections and skin abscesses. Keith is home sick with the flu today so pray I would stay well.

‘Til next time 🙂



7 thoughts on “Chemo #5 down!

  1. Hugs and continual prayers for you. You are a warrior as the FORD Company says. You’d have to be to keep going. Thanks so much for the photos. It helps me to know what you see each time. It’s good that you see outside of the box (your car). 🙂

  2. I am praying for you Koryin as you continue the FIGHT!! Spring is here in STL! Tulips, Robins and daffodils. News of snow for Saturday evening. (2-4 inches!) We are all preaparing for Easter, Joe’s first communion and graduations to come upon us sooner than I want to imagine! Hugs to the family! Love Claire

  3. I was thinking of you over the weekend and wishing you could have come with us on Retreat. 🙂

    Glad to hear you are feeling fairly well after your last chemo. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and pictures of your Walter Reed experiences, including buildings, etc on the drive there. Very interesting…and it gives us a glimpse of your day.

    Please do not hesitate to call if you need a drive to Breakaway, Walter Reed or just need to get out for lunch.

    Praying for an abundance of blessings,

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